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grand bath uro

grand bath uro


The word "uro" is another word for "horaana" in Japanese, meaning "cave".
Intertwining serene light and silence like being in a cave, it creates a very Kyoto-like aesthetic sense.

opening hours
3:00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. / 6:00 to 9:00 a.m.

amenities & rental items

・body soap
・face and hand soap
・ion dryer
・skin-care products

*Please take towels from the room.
*People who are inebriated or have tattoos are asked to refrain from using the grand bath.
However, tattoo cover stickers (approx. 10㎝ × 15㎝) are available from the front desk, so people whose tattoos can be covered with two stickers are permitted to use the grand bath.

japanese garden

There are large stones and large pine tree located at the front entrance where guests enter the cave-like entrance
The stones are illuminated by light emanating from the space open to the sky
The pine tree was swaying gently from the wind that gathers there
As if greeting us with a grin

Water collecting in the deeply dug ditch forms a deep sea
While feeling the light and shade that pours into that deep sea
There are two gardens where stones sit silently
One is [blue], representing the deep turquoise color of the deep sea
The other is [white light] meaning the clean white light
To the east is a garden that greets the sunset along with the morning [4/5]
To the west is the garden lit by the evening sun [dusk]
A scenery of light transforming with the time could be found

kutsu / Greeting stones and pine tree

ao / Deep turquoise sea
b1 grand bath uro (inside)

hakko / White light pouring into deep sea
b1 grand bath uro (inside)

seki / dusk
4f rooms with terrace (west side)

4.5 / morning 4:30
4f rooms with terrace (east side)

garden kutsu
garden ao
garden hakko
garden seki
garden 4.5

othersfacility information

laundry area

laundry area

washing / drying (120mins) : ¥600
washing / drying (80 mins) : ¥500
washing only (35 mins) : ¥300
additional drying (30 mins) : ¥100

vending machines

vending machines

Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks can be purchased.

ice machine microwave oven

ice machine
microwave oven

Each one is available for use.

smoking room

smoking room

There is a designated smoking booth in the hotel.

luggage deposit service

luggage deposit service

We will take care of your baggage before check-in and after check-out.
(Please leave the baggage with us on the actual day.)

Multipurpose lavatory

Multipurpose lavatory

barrier-free specifications